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How to destroy marble

Tap where you want your marble to hit and match at least three marbles of the same color in order to destroy them. As the levels progress, matching three might not be enough. Your marble can be frozen so you need to hit it with the exact color in order to break the ice. Deep frozen balls must be shot two or more times to remove the ice. If the marble is gummy, you need to remove sticky mass by matching three of the same color.

How do I get lives?

Lives are attempts to beat levels. You can have a total of five, and you lose one every time you fail a level. It takes 30 minutes to refill one life. You can also use coins to refill lives or ask your Woka friends for them.

How do I change the color of marbles and switch the position of the Frog?

Tap on the Frog's shell to change color. If you are playing on computer you can change it with the right click. In certain levels you can also change the position of the Frog. Just click on the position where you want the Turtle to be and it will switch.

How do I pass a level?

To pass the level you need to: destroy all the marbles and get at least one star, free all the stones/gems/lava marbles or reach a required number of points before the time runs out. To get more points try making as many combos, gap and flower bonuses as you can.

How do I earn more points?

The more marbles you clear - the more points you get! Once you master controls, create as many chain reactions and gap bonuses. They are worth more points than regular marble matching. Also, hit as many flowers as possible since they bring extra bonus points.

How do I earn coins?

You can get coins with Daily prize by watching a video, completing quests or purchasing them in the Shop.

How to create combo marbles?


Once you have mastered your technique you will be able to put strategy into play and get special marbles.

Colorful – Create two combos with marbles on the ends in green or yellow color. Colorful ball can replace one marble of whichever color in its surrounding.

Bomb - Create two combos with marbles on the ends in purple or red color. Bomb destroy several balls in its surrounding.

Color bomb – Create two combos with marbles on the ends in blue or orange color. Color bomb destroys all the marbles of the same color.

Color mist – Create triple combo ending with red or yellow marble. This marble creates a cloud changing all the marbles in its reach to same color.

Color replacer - Create triple combo ending with blue or purple marble. It turns all marbles of the color you hit into the color of the Replacer.

Fireball - Create triple combo ending with green or orange marble. It destroys all the marbles on its path.

What do powers do?

If you are so close to winning or find it difficult to pass a challenge, boosters can be very helpful! There are 5 boosters: Lighting, Torpedo, Twister, Smasher, Laser.

* Lighting is shooting straight through all lines and eliminates marbles on its way.

* Cannon is shooting three fired balls which blast through multiple paths

* Twister is eliminating 50% of the marbles from the paths

* Hammer destroys 10 marble which are close to the pit

* Laser is blasting 7 connected marble in the path of your choice

What is a Sticky bomb?

Sticky bomb is a Super ball. To use it, select it before the level starts. Activate it by hitting it with any marble. Once it is activated, it stops whole chain behind.

What is a Glass ball?

Glass ball is a Super ball. It can replace any ball in the chain. To use it, you need to select it before the level starts.

What’s a Power-up? What kinds are there?

There are five different kinds of power-ups. They can help you pass the level by reversing the chain backwards, stopping it, slowing it down, giving you a more precise aim and a faster shooter for a certain amount of time or even adding five seconds if the level is time-restricted



What does Rewind do?

You were close to passing the level but marbles reached the pit? Rewind can save your life! Use it and rewind 50% of the chain. For a free rewind you can watch a video and then claim it.

How do I earn purple stars?

Complete the challenges on levels that are marked with a star. Challenge goals are different in each level. For example: destroy 50 orange marbles, create 4 color bombs, collect 5 flowers etc.

How to remove the ice?

Hit the frozen marble with the exact color in order to break the ice. Deep frozen balls must be shot two or more times to remove the ice!

What is the TITA FRUIT?

This special ball brings extra points! Destroy all marbles in front of it and help it reach the pit!


Where can I play?

Tita Tita is available on Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, Facebook, Facebook Gameroom. You can play on your mobile device, tablet or computer.

I have one gold or silver marble left. How to destroy them?

Golden marbles can be created by colliding two white ones. Matching 3 golden ones creates a Fireball. Silver marbles are created by collision of two black ones. Matching 3 silver marbles freezes the game for 5 moves.

I finished all levels. Now what?

New levels are arriving every couple of weeks. Make sure you update regularly your game on Google Play Store or App Store and in the meantime complete other quests.


Tita Tita is a free-to-play game and you can progress through levels without making a purchase. If you want more in-app items you can buy them on all platforms (Google Play, iTunes App Store,

What are coins and how do I get them?

Coins are an in-game currency. You can spend coins on: i. Boosters, Refill, Rewind, packages in the Shop

How can I buy coins?

You can purchase coin packs from the Shop!

I made a purchase and didn’t get it. What should I do?

Start by checking your internet connection. If the connection was lost during or right after the purchase, try restarting your device and check to see if the purchase shows up. If the purchase still doesn't appear in the game, contact our support team at Make sure to provide a copy of the receipt. The receipt is emailed to the account used to make the purchase soon after the purchase is completed.

I have an unauthorized purchase. What should I do?

All payments are done through Google Play Store, App Store Payment systems. If you believe that an unauthorized purchase was made through your bank account, directly contact one of the Stores.


When will new levels be released?

Our team is working hard to provide you with new and exciting levels! Every month you can look forward to 30 new levels. In the meantime, if you finished all the levels, you can play Challenge levels where you didn’t get a purple star.

How can I update the game?

Follow the steps below:

  • Open the Store app on your device
  • Search for Tita Tita
  • Tap on "Update"
  • Wait until it finishes
  • Open the application
  • If you are using Facebook, log in to your Facebook account
  • Become a Tita Master


Haven't found what you were looking for? For any technical issues send an email to or join Tita Tita Help group to join the community of Tita players where you can add friends, exchange lives, tips and tricks - Tita Tita Help group. The game contains social factor where you get connected with the rest of Tita players, exchange lives, tips and tricks thus developing a strong online community.


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